Who we are

Frank van Steensel

Frank's keen interest in humus unfolded during his formative years. He went on to develop this interest by seeking formal qualifications and now holds a Bachelor of Science in tropical and subtropical agriculture, with a major in soil science (Netherlands) and a Masters of Agricultural Science (Soil Science), New Zealand. Since immigrating to New Zealand in the early nineties he followed his dreams of furthering the importance of humus in different ways. He founded Eco-Agri-Logic, a well known independent consultancy for the organic sector, initiated and chaired a regional organic organisation in the Wairarapa, taught organic workshops and courses, including the “National Certificate in Organic Horticulture" in the lower part of the North Island. Frank facilitated in the establishment of OANZ, was the team leader of a group which initiated and designed the national Organic Advisory Programme.

He went on to manage the organic research and development arm of OANZ. He has been on the council of OANZ and on the board and council of the Bio Dynamic Farming and Gardening Association in New Zealand for a number of years and was the research manager for the project: “A review of New Zealand and International Organic Land Management Research” published in 2002.