What we've done


rom The Soil Up – Compost

Part of the "From The Soil Up" Series. An article on understanding what is happening in your compost. Includes a reference for scoring the quality of your compost. Read More..

An Opportunity for Research in Organic and Biodynamic Agriculture

Frank van Steensel discusses the development of participatory site-specific research, and its back ground in Europe. He offers suggestions of how this method would be of advantage to producers and researchers in New Zealand. Read More..

Action Research at Murdoch James Estate

In 2000 Barbara Turner, viticulturist at Murdoch James Estate (MJE), joined EcoAgriLogic's NZQA organics course. This was the start of an interesting process based on a collegial co-operation between guidance and research centre and an innovative vineyard. Both on the road towards more sustainable development. To our own surprise, it turned into an interesting and innovative journey of ongoing Action Research (AR). This document was the work of Frank and delivered whilst he was one of the lead people at EcoAgriLogic. Read More..


Whilst presentations highlight what can only be called bullet points they serve as a useful resource and reminder to participants from the original event, in addition we hope that they can give an insight into some of the topics that we can cover.

BioDynamic Conference 25/05/2014

Frank's prepared speech on Wairarapa Eco Farms CSA

Go Carbon or Go Humus: A case for food quality credits

A presentation delivered in 2009, as part of the New Zealand Carbon Conference.

Improving Quality Through Biological Management

A presentation delivered back in 2006, targeting the use of biological management as a way of improving quality in a vineyard setting.