Advisory and Guidance

EcoDynamics is an independent service aiming at 'growing' independent producers of quality food. Our approach to producing quality food is to partner with nature and it's free ecosystem services. These free ecosystem services are able to provide your growing system with all it needs, without running down, meaning your kids and grandkids will still be able to enjoy your efforts years from now.

We make use of the microbes and their free services to do all the work required to produce food quality and care for the environment. Our priority is to make them feel welcome so that they stay around and like working with us. If we succeed we do not have to rely on any inputs (aggressive or not, organic or not).

We take a fresh approach to consulting, acting more like guiding teachers and utilising various modalities to communicate our knowledge and experience (Murdock James estate link).

If you feel you lack knowledge about free ecosystems processes (which most of us do) then check out our training programmes. If you’re not certain, but think we can help then get in touch for a free initial hour (some conditions apply), during which time we can discuss your needs and our offerings further.

EcoDynamics has a solid grounding in scientific approaches. However, our scientific background has focused on ecological science, instead of just chemical and physical sciences and a reductionistic focus. Ecological science combines the analytical reductionistic approach of the pure sciences with systems thinking or holistic thinking.

We have a strong background in:

  1. Land use.
  2. Ecological crop and animal production systems
  3. Ecological agricultural systems such as organics, biodynamics, permaculture, natural farming, agro-ecology
  4. Sustainable and Quality food production systems
  5. Etc.

Our time is generally charged out at $120 per hour, but is negotiable depending on the service required. For more info or to organise a meeting, contact us via email or on 021 027 76 082.